FHH-APW Alaska Trip

The Friends of Hokule`a & Hawai`iloa hosted a 3-day planning session from April 30 to May 2, 2022. The Alaska Planning Workgroup met to discuss and formulate an action plan for Hawai`iloa to voyage to the State of Alaska during the summer of 2023. The purpose of this 2023 voyage to Alaska, and specifically the … Read more

O Ke Kai Series 2022

The Friends will return and host the OKK Series 2022 event at the Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort, held in the A’o Culture Center. The first scheduled event will be held on Saturday, March 12 after the Outrigger’s opening ceremonies on Tuesday, March 8. Please join us in celebrating the re-opening of a local business … Read more

Alaska Trip

FHH is focused on Hawai`iloa in trying to get it ready to take it to Alaska. “It’s really important this coming voyage because we’re taking the canoe home. It was built using Sitka spruce logs from Alaska. We couldn’t find koa trees large enough here in Hawaii. We couldn’t have built this canoe without the … Read more

State Of Hawai’i Gov Ige’s Executive Order

EFFECTIVE 9/13/2021 – Requiring All Contractors and Visitors to provide Proof of Being Fully Vaccinated or a Negative COVID-19 Test. Pursuant to Governor Ige’s Executive Order No. 2 1-07, effective September 13, 2021 and until further notice, all CONTRACTORS AND VISITORS TO STATE FACILITIES (property managed by DOT, DLNR/DOBOR) must follow the procedures specified in … Read more

Revitalizing Model Of Hawai’iloa by Artist Kaili Chun

The scale model of the Hawaii Loa canoe on view here in the A’o cultural space was constructed in the early part of her 8-year apprenticeship with Mr. Bowman. Ka`ili has continued the Hawaiian practice of building scale replicas of canoes but is most known for her contemporary sculptural installations that address indigenous issues. Her … Read more

Sharing Hawai‘i’s Legacy

The Au Hou (New Era) is an 18-foot fishing canoe designed and largely built by Bowman, Jr., but Wrighto died before it was completed. The canoe was donated by Sharon Bowman, Wrighto’s widow, to the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian.