Festival Celebrates Seafaring Culture

14th Annual Kualoa/Hakipu‘u Canoe Festival “Hawaii’s oceangoing traditions were on full display Saturday during the 14th annual Kualoa Regional Park. The event, organized by the city Department of Parks and Recreation along with numerous voyaging and educational groups, included paddling and sailing activities, educational booths, and navigation lessons. The canoe festival also commemorated the initial … Read more

Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort A’o Cultural Center

Mahalo to Luana Maitland, Director of Cultural Programs, for allowing FHH to return for the OKK 2023 Series. In collaboration with Kanehunamoku Voyaging Academy, we were able to present a Hawaiian star compass, explain star navigation, star constellations, tie knots, demonstrate hands-on sanding techniques, show the Hawaiian native woods used to build canoes, keiki canoe … Read more

Duke’s Waikiki (Home of Duke Kahanamoku) Luncheon and Presentation

Duke’s Waikiki Restaurant at the Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort is celebrating the 48th Anniversary of the March 8, 1975 launch of Hokule’a by presenting a check to The Friends of Hokule’a and Hawai’iloa (FHH). Both Duke’s and the FHH have invited the 1976 crew of the maiden voyage of the Hokule’a to join us for this celebratory occasion.  We … Read more

Special guests wanting to visit Hawaiiloa

Even though the weather was wet, it didn’t stop the Kaulukukui ohana (Thomas, Jr., his daughters Jody Kaulukukui, Hoolea Allocca, and mo`opuna) from their visit at METC.  Thomas, Sr., who was OHA Chairman at the time and one of the key figures along with Pinky Thompson, in getting the sitka spruce logs for Hawai`iloa.  In … Read more

Wa’a Kaukahi “Ho’omau”

Excerpt of a PBN Magazine article dated 11/7/22, by Stephanie Salmons, PBN Reporter. “Canoe build was an exercise in perseverance for Gentry Homes” After seven years of work on the vessel – delayed in part by a 2018 cancer diagnosis – Rick Hobson, vice president of sales and marketing for Gentry Homes and the company … Read more

Apprentice Kalai Wa`a

“Thought to share the below with all of you. Canoe apprentice Ryan Olivares is the Wood Shop teacher for both Olomana School, and the Hawai’i Youth Correctional Facility (HYCF). He has the responsibility of repairing and refurbishing a 40+ ft racing koa canoe that had been in a great state of disrepair for four decades. … Read more

Bowman `Ohana Visit

“My grandfather Herbert Consor (Bud) was Wright Bowman, Sr.’s cousin. I grew up seeing my grandfather’s passion for woodworking and boatbuilding, and I even have a small model of a boat hull on my wall that he made. I knew of his cousin who moved to Hawai`i and that he had a large family and … Read more

Wa’a Kaukahi Ualaka’a

There was a lot involved in rebuilding this wa’a (replacing the top of the hull kuamo’o/kino, the manu hope/ihu, seats na nohona, ama, and na i’ako. Tay will be sharing his techniques by finishing the KVA canoe with the help of Bonnie Kahape’a – Tanner, staff, and/students. “Thought to Share a Photo of last Friday’s … Read more


Aloha Friends – I am writing to let you know I have finished my canoe “Ho’omau.” Billy, Tay and I discussed different names and felt this one fit. It has been a long 6 years since I started this project and persistence has been the overriding factor. Of course, there would be no canoe without … Read more