Ohana Wa’a formalized as a 501(c)3 organization

FHH is proud to announce that as the needs of the voyaging community evolved, a group of hui waa and organizations of Hawaii became known as ʻOhana Waʻa and formalized as a 501(c)3 organization on 2019. FHH was the fiscal agent in 2016 – 2023 when Ohana Waa received private funding of $10k to help with startup costs. Please visit the Oahan Waa website for more on the Ohana, Events, Support Lahaina (fundraiser), Donate & Contact information.

Comprised of intergenerational indigenous leadership representatives of the voyaging canoes and organizations of Hawaii. Our mission is to work together to elevate the collective health and life of our Voyaging traditions.

The ʻOhana (family) Waʻa (canoe), meaning family of voyaging canoes, convened as a hui (group) on September 1-2, 2006, with the rising of the ʻole kūkolu and the setting of the ʻole pau moons. Under the guidance of the Honorable Judge Thomas Kaʻauwai Kaulukukui Jr., and through cultural-based facilitation, discussion, sharing, ceremony, and much spirit, it was determined that the group did not need a non-profit designation at that time, but instead formalized as an organization with a honi (sharing of breath), a handshake, and a commitment to each other.

He wa’a he moku,
 he moku he wa’a.

Visit Ohana Wa’a website