Festival Celebrates Seafaring Culture

14th Annual Kualoa/Hakipu‘u Canoe Festival

“Hawaii’s oceangoing traditions were on full display Saturday during the 14th annual Kualoa Regional Park. The event, organized by the city Department of Parks and Recreation along with numerous voyaging and educational groups, included paddling and sailing activities, educational booths, and navigation lessons. The canoe festival also commemorated the initial launch from Kualoa/Hakipuu of famed voyaging canoe Hokulea on March 8, 1975.”
Excerpt from Festival Celebrates Seafaring Culture by Star-Advertiser, 03/05/2023.

FHH restoration team: Tay Perry (kahuna kalai wa`a), Rick Hobson, Loy Kuo, Ryan Olivares

Mahalo nui to Bonnie Kahapea-Tanner and KVA crew for hosting FHH at this year’s Kualoa Hakipuu Canoe Festival, and to Kaipo Kiaha (FHH) in conducting the awa ceremony.