Luku A Pau Na Pu`u O Hawai`iloa

“On 4/5/22 I spent an hour and a half yesterday with the inspector from Aloha Termite, Roland Rodrigues. His conclusion is that it’s not termites. Couldn’t find droppings, and the holes are not of the type made by termites. After a while he speculated that the holes were made by beetles.

He then found one albeit dead. It was tiny, but he concluded that that’s our issue. They are called “Powderpost beetles”, and apparently are not fliers. They come aboard from other pieces of wood that are already infected.” When asked if they, Aloha Termite, could treat for those, he said yes, but it would take 10x’s the amount of gas.”

We are blessed to have such an expert to spend the time to resolve the root of the problem so we may continue our work restoring Hawai`iloa. “Mahalo! to you, Roland Rodriguez, and to Aloha Termite & Pest Control for their generosity.”

– Billy Richards

There is more information on Wikipedia.