Dry Dock Covid Screening

“Effective May 7, FHH moved into Phase 3 of the FHH Screening Protocols. PAAC has congratulated us on our current “Phase 3” approach … HOWEVER ….

Because of the rapidly rising number of infec3ons and the high underrepor3ng of infec3ons in the community … the PAAC group is recommending that we bring back our “box” testing on Saturday. The PAAC group will be donating more tests to go back to the old protocol for the next 2-4 weeks while the number of COVID INFECTIONS are surging. (Yes, they are surging…)” Kauka Mau.

On May 14, we will go back to crew testing on Saturdays. For everyone’s protection FHH is asking the volunteers/crew to maintain safe practices, to be respectful of others, and to stay home if not feeling well.

For outside visitors and guests, we ask the same. Please notify Denise either by email at [email protected] or by text to 1-808-783-4592 if you want to visit before arriving in person at the UH METC location.

Mahalo nui to Marjorie Mau, MD for her expert guidance and counseling, the Staff of the Dept. Native Hawaiian Health at UH Medical School, and the Pacific Alliance Against COVID-19 for their services.