Angoon, AK Visit

On behalf of the ‘Aha Moananuiakea and Ho`okahua, Kamehameha Schools, Kilinahe Coleman coordinated a visit by students/teachers of the Alaska Ethnomath Institute, Angoon, Alaska…

“…wanted to extend my most heartfelt mahalo nui loa for the time we were able to spend together last week for the Alaska Ethnomath Institute on O’ahu. Hookipa means hospitality in Hawaiian, and part of that sharing the very best parts of yourself and youraina! I can safely say that thanks to you all, as individuals and representatives of your organizations, provided the highest levels of ho`okipa! Our exchanges of hospitality last week would not have been possible without your selfless gifts of time, knowledge, presence, and aloha.

From harvesting lau kalo and eating from the aina at Ulupo with the folks at Kauluakalana; learning about navigation and visiting with Hawailoa, crew members, and master canoe builder Uncle Jerry at the Marine Education Training Center; …, I believe all the things experienced by our Alaskan Native and Hawaiian youth thanks to you kako`o will help to shape them into giving members of our communities.”

Mahalo hou … your aloha made so much possible for the kids! …, and the wa‘a kits were so awesome! I hope we can work together more in the future, and expose more of our Hawai`i kids to the amazing histories and people surrounding our wa‘a! Gunalchéesh, mahalo NUI.

Makana was shared and memories were created. Mahalo to photographer, Zac Shafer, and Kamehameha Schools for sharing some of their photos.