Angoon, AK Visit

On behalf of the ‘Aha Moananuiakea and Ho`okahua, Kamehameha Schools, Kilinahe Coleman coordinated a visit by students/teachers of the Alaska Ethnomath Institute, Angoon, Alaska… “…wanted to extend my most heartfelt mahalo nui loa for the time we were able to spend together last week for the Alaska Ethnomath Institute on O’ahu. Hookipa means hospitality in … Read more

Hawaiiloa Trip to Alaska

Hokulea sailing on the ocean

Rebuild the Canoe, Restore the Connection, Reshape the Future: Help us take Hawaiʻiloa to Alaska. We, the Friends of Hokulea and Hawaiiloa regret to inform our viewers and those who support us, that the Alaska Trip 2023 will be postponed for at least one year due to overwhelming restoration repairs and lack of funding. We … Read more

O Ke Kai Series – Hali`a Aloha o Alakeka

Help us take Hawai`iloa to Alaska. Rebuild the Canoe >> Restore the Connection >> Reshape the Future Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort on Kalia Road named this day’s event as the “Voyage to Alaska.”

Dry Dock Covid Screening

“Effective May 7, FHH moved into Phase 3 of the FHH Screening Protocols. PAAC has congratulated us on our current “Phase 3” approach … HOWEVER …. Because of the rapidly rising number of infec3ons and the high underrepor3ng of infec3ons in the community … the PAAC group is recommending that we bring back our “box” … Read more

Luku A Pau Na Pu`u O Hawai`iloa

“On 4/5/22 I spent an hour and a half yesterday with the inspector from Aloha Termite, Roland Rodrigues. His conclusion is that it’s not termites. Couldn’t find droppings, and the holes are not of the type made by termites. After a while he speculated that the holes were made by beetles. He then found one … Read more

Alaska Trip

FHH is focused on Hawai`iloa in trying to get it ready to take it to Alaska. “It’s really important this coming voyage because we’re taking the canoe home. It was built using Sitka spruce logs from Alaska. We couldn’t find koa trees large enough here in Hawaii. We couldn’t have built this canoe without the … Read more

State Of Hawai’i Gov Ige’s Executive Order

EFFECTIVE 9/13/2021 – Requiring All Contractors and Visitors to provide Proof of Being Fully Vaccinated or a Negative COVID-19 Test. Pursuant to Governor Ige’s Executive Order No. 2 1-07, effective September 13, 2021 and until further notice, all CONTRACTORS AND VISITORS TO STATE FACILITIES (property managed by DOT, DLNR/DOBOR) must follow the procedures specified in … Read more