Bowman `Ohana Visit

“My grandfather Herbert Consor (Bud) was Wright Bowman, Sr.’s cousin. I grew up seeing my grandfather’s passion for woodworking and boatbuilding, and I even have a small model of a boat hull on my wall that he made. I knew of his cousin who moved to Hawai`i and that he had a large family and that one of his children became an authentic Polynesian canoe builder, … and learning about the amazing enormity of what he did. It is amazing to me the family similarities between my grandfather and Wright Sr. and Wright Jr. and really wish they were all around for me to learn more about them…”

“My family and I live in North Carolina and will be visiting Oahu. I have enjoyed reading about the Hawai’iloa, which I had always heard about but now learning more about it. It brings tears to my eyes thinking of the love and skill poured into it. Reading about how Wrighto made his own tools made me smile, as my grandfather would make his own tools when he didn’t have ones that would be sufficient to build miniature scale furniture with (quite the opposite of a 50-foot double hull sailing canoe, but he made a few boats as well in his day, so his woodworking spanned the large and the tiny). I would love to see the Hawai’iloa while we are visiting, and I thought this might be the best way to reach out to see if that is possible. I just joined the Friends with a family membership.”

Mahalo, Bonnie Rose, NC