Board Meetings are scheduled for the 3rd Saturday of Every Month at Pier 60, and All Members and Interested Individuals Are Welcomed to Attend.

2013 Board of Directors


  • Billy Richards – President
  • Tay Perry – Vice President
  • Denise Kekuna – Treasurer
  • Norman Ho – Secretary


  • Jay Dowsett
  • Marylou Foley
  • G. Keoki Kawelo
  • Jerome Ongies
  • Wayne Sterling

Elections are held in January annually.


The Friends of Hokule‘a & Hawai‘iloa have launched a fundraising effort to restore the historic Hawai‘iloa. Due to minimal ongoing maintenance, exposure to the elements and termite damage, Hawai‘iloa was pulled from the water and has been housed in pieces.

Just as builders build “one plank at a time,” the Friends of Hokule‘a & Hawai‘iloa have embarked on a “plank by plank” fundraising campaign. The estimated restoration cost is $250,000 with a completion date no later than July 2013. For more information, please download the Plank by Plank Flyer.

More from the Hawaii Loa Hou news article from


Restoration of Hawai‘iloa - Rebuilding the Past, Wayfinding the Future

At a Sand Island boat yard, fine craftsmen and enthusiastic volunteers brush away dust, walk in ankledeep mud, or take aim at bombarding mosquitos—all for the love of a double-hull canoe called Hawai‘iloa.

Billy Richards, president of Friends of Hokule‘a and Hawai‘iloa, and Wayne Sterling, executive director of the Friends, talk about master woodworker Jerry Ongies, who is spearheading the canoe restoration. Ongies is bringing in his 20-year-old grandson, Timmy, into the world of power tools and sweat equity in a dream. Experts at restoration and canoe building, Jay Dowsett and Tay Perry work side-by-side with the volunteers du jour.

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Workdays scheduled for the 1st Saturday of
each month at Pier 60

We welcome anyone who would like to help and volunteer a few hours of their time on any day of the week of the month. Call 843-8414.


Hawai‘iloa Repair Project

Volunteers arrive around 9:00 AM on Saturday morning and report to Jerry Ongies or Tay Perry for work assignments.