The Friends’ Annual Meeting and BOD Elections for January 2006– Date/Time to be announced.

2005 Officers:
William K. Richards, Jr. – President
Jay Dowsett – Vice President
Denise Kekuna – Treasurer
Vincent Monaco – Secretary

2005 Board Members:
George Kawelo, Jerry Muller, Jerry Ongies, Tay Perry, Jason Tabata

Next Board Meeting: 11/12/05 at 9:30 a.m., Pier 60. FHH members are welcome to sit in at our regular monthly meetings.


NMAI Project
The recent conclusion of our involvement to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian was held in July 2005. The closing ceremonies included the launching of the Au Hou from Thompson’s Boat Center in the Potomac River. Before it set sail, Au Hou was blessed with water collected from all eight channels that separate the Hawaiian Islands. Harold Ayat stated, “This was actually finished by his apprentices, so, it’s a continuation. And having it in the water is to me, a symbol of this tradition that will continue.” D.C. media presentation was broadcasted on Channel 8 conducted by Sean Ching. Coverage posted online on TheHawaiiChannel and articles featured in the local GeorgeTown newspapers.

The Smithsonian has decided to keep Au Hou on exhibit in the NMAI indefinitely. As Keone Nunes stated, “…it’s a good way of connecting with the Hawaiian population over here and also to educate Congress, that to us there is a living thriving culture in Hawaii that is still on-going.”

Billy stated, “For us, for myself personally, for the Friends’ of Hokule‘a and Hawai‘iloa, for all of Hawaii, we’re here not for only us, but for everyone back home.”

The Friends’ were represented by: Billy Richards, Keone Nunes, George Kewelo, Harold Ayat, Jan Arakaki, Tita Samson, Dennis Lai Hipp, May Au, Lei Padeken, and Ku‘ulei Ihara.


Friends’ will be participating in the 3rd Annual Ma‘ohi Native Cultural Festival on Saturday, November 19, 2005 at the Queen Kapi‘olani Park bandstand, 10a.m.–7p.m. Our canoe builders and members will be demonstrating canoe building skills, exhibiting Hawaiian tools, and T-shirt sales.

Friends’ Annual Holiday Pa‘ina will be celebrated differently this year. We invite you to join us at the La Mariana Restaurant on Saturday, December 17, 2005 for dinner to begin at 6:00 p.m. RSVP: Contact the Friends’ by phone: 808/538-9839 or email: by December 1, 2005.


Lifetime Member: W. Forseith
Individual Member: J. G. Reinstra