On January 29, 2005 FHH held their Annual Meeting to begin the New Year presenting 2004 Year End reports and conducting the Board of Directors’ elections for 2005.

William K. Richards, Jr. – President
Jay Dowsett – Vice President
Denise Kekuna – Treasurer
Vincent Monaco – Secretary

Board Members:
George Kawelo, Jerry Muller, Jerry Ongies, Tay Perry, Jason Tabata

We want to thank you all who have participated in the past and hope we can continue an ongoing relationship. FHH members are welcome to sit in at our regular monthly meetings.


Billy Richards, President
“The Friends of Hokule‘a and Hawai‘iloa has completed its most ambitious and successful year since its founding in 1997. Some of our organizational, as well as, individual accomplishments were:

The repair of “Alapi‘i”, a koa ‘opelu canoe; completion after many years of “Au Hou,” a koa fishing canoe residing in Washington D.C.; “Hoaloha,” Tommy Holmes “surprise-canoe” …refurbished and on display at an Outrigger Hotel; “Blue Boat” or “Kiholo” on display at the Ala Moana Shopping Center (Reyn’s); restore a canoe given by Queen Kapi‘olani to display at the National Museum of Natural History; “Hokule‘a” replica for the National Museum of Japan in Tokyo; and, “Hokualaka‘i” a voyaging wa‘a kaulua that services as a learning platform for a school for native speakers of the Hawaiian language (Aha Punana Leo – Hilo).

The accomplishments of 2004 took us further as an organization than we had ever been. And, it created opportunities that our present Board has decided to explore and, if feasible, to act upon.

Should the incoming Board elect to continue what was initiated by the outgoing, they will face a different kind of challenge. Whoever is chosen to lead will be doing so through the Friends transitional period. Active participation and presence, positive thought, cohesive thinking, flexibility and, an open mind, coupled with tenacity and teamwork will be necessary in the arena that we have chosen. Anything less is detrimental to the cause.

I often envision Wrighto looking in on us at times, either nodding his head in approval or shaking his head in disgust. To be honest, I cannot truly make the determination as to which action he does for which decision made. None of us can. All we can do is go forward with the skills that we have and respect for the skills of others. In doing so, we will do what Bo did best. He did canoes of all types and sizes which is what the Friends is all about.”


The Friends are featured in Hawaiian Airlines magazine Hana Hou, February/March 2005 issue, titled “Shaping History.” Credits go to Stu Dwar as writer and Monte Costa for pictures. Awesome job!

NMAI Project: A small delegation lead by Billy Richards will be attending the closing ceremonies at the Smithsonian’s NMAI in Washington D.C. If you are able to participate, the Friends will be there from 7/13/05 to return on 7/20/05. This will be the last exhibit of the “Au Hou” before it is placed in storage.


Lifetime Member: M. Mason
New Members: K. Geier, M. Kahele, M. Kiaaina